Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Macedonian broadcaster MKRTV has today confirmed that they have received 150 songs for its national final, which is due to be held on 24th February 2007 in Skopje. 15 music acts are going to present their songs from which the winner will be chosen by televoting.
For the past few weeks, rumours have been flying over who would enter the Macedonian selection process, with many claiming that Karolina Gočeva, the Macedonian representative from 2002, willing to give it another try. Also in the frame are Tijana Dapčević, Tamara Todevska, Kaliopi, Aleksandra Pileva, and 2004 entrant Toše Proeski.
It is as yet unknown when MKRTV will announce the selected songs for Skopje Fest 2007, but you can be sure that esctoday.com will there and ready when they do!
Karolina finished 19th in Tallinn with Od nas zavisi while Toše Proeski achieved a 14th position in the final round in Istanbul presenting his song Life. Due to Elena Risteska's 12th place in Athens, FYR Macedonia will have to compete in the semi final once again in Helsinki - but they have a good track record in the semi final, as they've qualified all three times so far!

Source : MRT

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Macedonian Radio marks 62nd anniversary

Macedonian Radio marks 62nd anniversary

Skopje /28/12/ 13:06

Macedonian Radio & Television today celebrates its 62nd birthday. Radio Skopje broadcast the second session of the ASNOM on 28 December 1944.

On this day 62 years ago, the first word in Macedonian language was heard on the radio. "This is Radio Skopje" said Vlado Malevski during the broadcast live.

Along with the Macedonian Radio anniversary, the national broadcaster Macedonian Television (MTV) celebrated the MRT Day. The formal outset of Macedonian television (the then Television Skopje) was on 14 December 1964.

MRT Day was observed on Wednesday with a night show "Birthday Lighthouse" worked out by Studio M-1.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Legendary Singer Goce Nikolovski found Dead!

The singer Goce Nikolovski was found dead

Goce Nikolovski, born in Skopje in 1947, was found dead this morning around 3 am in his home, on side of his son, says MVR.

As MVR states, Nikolovski had a wound in the head, yet near his body was his gun which he legally possessed.

Neighbors called Police because they heard gunfire late last night around 10:00 pm. At that time, Nikolovski was alone in his home. It is confirmed that the door of the house was closed from the inside, as well as were the windows at the time.

According to the first investigation from the Police, there were no criminal activities. They found a suicide note near him, which was written to his close family, the letter will be investigated by the Police in the next upcoming days.

Nikola Badev

Koncert posveten na Nikola Badev
Na 16 dekemvri 2006 godina vo Univerzalnata sala vo Skopje se odrzha koncert posveten na 55 godishninata od pesnata na legendata na makedonskata narodna muzika, Nikola Badev koj so svojot lirski, kadifen glas ostavi silen beleg vo makedonskata narodna muzika. Mnogumina se obidele da go kopiraat, no malkumina uspeale barem malku da se doblizhat do negovata interpretacija. Na koncertot bea izveduvani negovite pesni od strana na makedonskite interpretatori: Violeta Tomovska, Anka Gieva, Goce Arnaudov, Atina Apostolova, Vojo Stojanovski, Mishko Talevski, Zuica Lazova, Naum Petreski, Mishko Krstevski, Blaga Petreska, Blagoja Grujovski i Kiril Kostov (od Bugarija). Na koncertot bea prisutni i chlenovite na negovoto poblisko semejstvo, a beshe promovirana i negovata zbirka od narodni pesni. Vo tekot na celoto vreme na koncertot na video bimot bea prikazhuvani sliki i nastani od zhivotot na Badev, kako i snimki od negovite nastapi vo Evropa, Kanada, Amerika i Avstralija.

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